Above & Beyond
When the Faena Group approached King & Partners in the summer of 2013 it was a meeting of minds. We knew that at the turn of the 21st century Faena had reinvented Puerto Madero, the then-abandoned waterfront district in Buenos Aires that propelled the repositioning of Argentina as a sophisticated global destination. We had heard of Alan Faena, the charismatic, white-clad visionary who understood that cultural experiences and socially responsible projects could reshape neglected neighborhoods and communities, and turn them into powerhouses for change. We instinctively felt that Faena’s vision should be supported by a digital presence that reflected its holistic, user-first philosophy for growth and renewal, and as Faena prepared to break ground in South Beach, Miami, we were excited to partner with them in the furtherance of these goals.
We started by examining the project as a whole, and determined that Faena wasn’t simply a hospitality brand, property developer or arts institution. Faena was each of these things individually, but collectively it was more. Its vision was to create districts in which hotels, fine residences and arts centers would combine catalyze social change and urban renewal. Puerto Madero was proof of concept and South Beach was next. The “wind of the South” is coming!
We began by identifying and isolating the key gateways to Faena’s business and culture. We established four core paths: 

STAY—ultra-luxurious one-of-a-kind hotels.

LIVE—architect-designed residences.
Aleph—Faena’s digital magazine.
ARTS—arts centers that serve as the cultural core of these communities.
Faena doesn’t have just one business model. It has several, each with a unique set of customers with distinct needs. That understanding informed our thinking—one size would not fit all. Faena’s offering is multi-faceted so our solution must be too. We devised a homepage divided into quadrants allowing users to select the entrée into the Faena eco-system most relevant to their immediate needs. Fully responsive and mobile-optimized, each of the four destinations has its own character and personality—as well as its own URL so that each is a stand-alone destination—befitting the tailored, localized nature of these offerings. But ultimately a harmony of purpose unifies them and their design supports this; each is visually distinct, yet related. A global navigation bar means that visitors can jump from one part of the eco-system to another in a click, allowing visitors to transition seamlessly from the hotel site to the arts center, for example, while making a booking. Each component interlaces with its neighbor to build a stronger and more robust user experience. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is the philosophy upon which Faena has built its neighborhoods in Buenos Aires and Miami, so it is fitting that it is also the structure that supports Faena’s digital districts.

Faena.com, StayFaena.com, LiveFaena.com, FaenaArts.com, and FaenaAleph.com by @kingandpartners
<Through boards> by Saul Leiter, 1957
<Red Curtain> by Saul Leiter, 1956
Detail of Placuna Phoenix 2014 by Rowan Mersh
Shirana Shahbazi